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Sethuwa Hospital

Situated amidst the unspoilt greenery in Batalanda, Sethsuwa Hospital is the true mother Hospital of the Sethsuwa Ayurveda Consultation Centre and Osusala which is situated in the Gregorry’s Road, Colombo 7.

Sethsuwa Ayurveda hospital is where hundreds of people both from the villages and the city trudged in search of cures for their various ailments.

This is where those patients whom the western systems had ‘given up on’ have hope and this is where the Physician-in-charge today. Dr. Sujeewa Vithanage with his sound educational backing on the ways and workings of the system of Ayurveda both in the theory and practice take them on and bring them back to life the Ayurveda way.


Sethsuwa pranajeewa
N0 258/19                  
Vihara Mawatha, Batalanda Road
Makola South


Email :

Phone: (+94) 112 964023 
              [+94) 112 962008

Hot Line

+94 (70) 4744700